Thursday, January 6, 2011

New dolls and a bit of Silliness

So let's start with the silliness...of course! I took a photo of all my girls hanging out in the den the other day and it wasn't until later that I realized there was an impostor in their reminded me of the game from Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the others...

I've started the year with a couple of toys in the shop. I don't make many of these teethers anymore but I had a commission for one so I made 2. They're so cute...

And I recently was given a black angora (already accidentally felted) sweater so I wanted to try making a little Waldorf bunny from it...I think it turned out quite well.

Next up a commissioned art doll and 2 headed rat, and then on to some valentine pixies. I also have some new pins in the works that I'm really excited stay tuned!


  1. The little dolls is going to be the perfect gift! Thank you for doing it, love the cats and the bunny!!

  2. Haha, fun photograph! And adorable creations, as always. ^.^

  3. Everything is just adorable as always! The kitties are too! We have 4 fur balls residing with us as well.

  4. Beautiful doll, cute bunny, cheers Marie

  5. Kittens? Do I see Kittens?? I like the imposter.


  6. What a Lovely Cat family you have...Love your dolls too!