Update 1/26/2021
I am not taking commission orders at this time due to family needs. I hope to reopen this later 
in the year and will post here when that happens. Thank you!

Pricing Info:
My small (4.5-5") dolls are $55.00 without handmade wings and $65.00 for the those with my wings. If they have extra accessories or pets the price increases, so dolls like Mary Poppins, some Ghastly girls, and Goldilocks are $75.00 and Bo Peep with her needle felted sheep is $80.00.  My 8" sculpted dolls with a cloth over "skin" are $185 and up depending on costume and accessories. The larger dolls (12.5-13") come in two different types and, depending on the type of costume, vary in price from $150-$250.00. The difference is in the amount of detail and accessories and whether they have a second cotton knit "skin" and sculpting. A 12.5" doll like Mia or Phoebe with all removable clothing and hand knit accessories is $400. My largest dolls are 18" tall and the price ranges from $400 and up depending on the details. These prices do not include shipping. Please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have and to discuss pricing and options in greater detail.

Please be aware that the US Postal service requires customs forms on ALL international packages. Any charges, including fees and taxes resulting from customs, are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you would like to order a custom doll you can contact me at .